Bank Reconciliation in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Gain unparalleled access to real-time, mission-critical financial data that you can turn into a powerful competitive tool, and help control bank reconciliation more efficiently. Optimize account reconciliation by enabling your people to customize reports in paper or online formats, and to create, view, and post a suite of standard reports, including checkbook list, checkbook register report, and bank distribution history.

Tight integration with other modules in Microsoft Dynamics  GP—including General Ledger, Receivables Management, Payables Management, and Payroll—enables you to enter data one time to provide accurate up-to-date information throughout your financial business solution.


  • Manage transactions with ease. Manage all of your bank-related activity through a single automated intersection, including bank account balances, automated reconciliation, and cash, check, and credit card transactions.
  • Monitor transactions instantly. View summary information, mark transactions that need further attention, and drill down for further detail—all from within a single window.
  • Ensure smooth reconciliation. Extend your reconciliation capabilities almost effortlessly, using intuitive customizable transaction views, summaries of important information, historical balance inquiries, automated prompts for reconciliation reports, and easy-to-use tools to sort and mark transactions.
  • Increase efficiency. Empower your employees with a straightforward, consistent approach to managing your bank transactions that lowers administrative costs and gives you tighter control.
  • Achieve sound return on investment (ROI). Provide intuitive tools and processes to help save time and money when reconciling bank accounts on a regular basis, especially when handling multiple accounts.



  • Easy Transaction Management. Control reconciliation processes by setting defaults and choosing between transactions types, including checks, receipts, and adjustments. A customizable transaction view lets you choose the type of transactions you want to enter.
  • Immediate Check Availability. Cut miscellaneous checks in real time as you need them, and keep balances up to date.
  • Summary Information. Speed up reconciliations with on-screen summaries, including adjusted bank balance, adjusted bank or book balance, and cleared payments.
  • Detailed Transaction Information. Instantly get the details you need while reconciling, including deposit number, transaction number, type, payment amount, and description, and then drill down when you need even greater detail.
  • Transaction Tracking. Track simple or complex transactions, including voided transactions based on void date, voided manual checks, funds transfers, deposits without receipts, and checks distributed to multiple expense accounts.
  • Point-in-Time Balance Inquiry. Resolve discrepancies by viewing the bank transactions that make up your checkbook balance for a specified date, and drill down to view the cleared status of the transaction.
  • Easy and Efficient Transaction Review. Set reconciliation ranges, sort transactions by type or date, and mark single or entire ranges of transactions for further attention.
  • Automatic Adjustments Reconcile totals with automatic file updates and General Ledger postings that include reconciliation totals as well as any transaction adjustments.
  • Simultaneous Reconciliations Manage multiple reconciliations out of separate checkbooks without having to complete each one before beginning the next.
  • Reporting. Create, view, and post a suite of standard reports, including checkbook list, checkbook register report, and bank distribution history, or customize reports in paper or online formats.
  • Multicurrency Support. Enter, view, and reconcile transactions for checkbooks in any currency, or reconcile cash receipts in multiple currencies in your primary checkbook.
  • Tight Integration. Create complete bank-related information and enter information only once with smooth integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP General Ledger, Receivables Management, Payables Management, and Payroll modules.