COSS Manufacturing Software - APS Scheduling

APS Scheduling

APS Scheduling, or Advanced Planning and Scheduling, allows manufacturers to plan their production activities taking into account the constraints to the production process, including materials, labor and capacity.

Traditional methods of handling this task will no longer maintain or enhance competitiveness, as customers demand more and more from their suppliers.

New software is needed to deal with last minute changes in specifications, changes to delivery schedules, shortened product life cycles, the need to cut production times and costs, and manage these in a global market.  COSS Manufacturing deals with the constraints you face in scheduling decisions.  This includes materials, labor, machining and tooling.

COSS APS will allow you to schedule production activities and take into account the real-world problems you face. Developed with finite capacity, COSS Scheduling enables manufacturers to cut production times, reduce excess inventory and overages in WIP, and better control costs in all areas.

Sales Orders are fully integrated with Work Orders to balance operating efficiency with customer demands. Best of all the scheduling and planning components of COSS are fully integrated with the other modules allowing timely and accurate planning to occur.