Coss Manufacturing Software - Bill of Materials (BOM)

Bill of Materials

COSS Manufacturing includes a powerful Bill of Materials processing module.  The COSS BOM tracks the commitment and assembly of all raw materials, sub-assemblies and finished goods to handle material requirements planning.

The BOM processor can process multiple stages of the assembly including infinite sub-components.  Manufacturers can determine 100% of their material requirements through the COSS BOM while utilizing unlimited notes.

Integrated into the COSS Work Order process the BOM has been designed to account for back orders, scrap, and assembled inventory.  Features such as multiple units of measure and full comprehensive reporting give users flexibility and comprehensive tracking.  The system can relieve inventory in real-time, and through a series of standard reports can provide details on each step in the material assembly process.

With full Lot and Serial number control, the COSS BOM is ideally suited to small and mid-sized manufacturers.