Coss Manufacturing Software - Estimating

The estimating module within COSS Manufacturing captures the pertinent details to define your estimating requirements and assist you to scope the bid.  It is fully integrated with the other modules in COSS.  Estimating provides you a tool to define the processes, calculate the costs, and track the communications with the customer.  Status settings assist with workflow and statistical data provides answers for strategic decision-making.

The estimate provides the backbone of manufacturing as the information is transferred automatically to the work order and process plan, eliminating data duplication.  This value-added data flow saves time, streamlines activities and provides you with valuable statistical data.



  • Generate quotes efficiently and accurately. Use templates, and copy and paste capability from other quotations or templates
  • Calculate the quantity and costs of required items through user-defined calculators. Captures all the dimensions and decision inputs used to achieve these results
  • User-defined calculators for materials assist in calculating the quantity and costs of required items
  • Details pertaining to material, operations, specifications, and pictures can be viewed in an explorer-like overview
  • Estimates can include multi-quantity and multi-margin calculations
  • Phantom scheduling provides estimated delivery date based on current operating schedule
  • Extensive quote management and tracking allows you to monitor quote status and provide hit/miss ratios in percentages of quotes and value
  • Customer accounting and estimating information can be downloaded to contact management systems
  • Quote details and margin markup for materials, labor, and subcontracting
  • Quick search, sort, filter and retrieval by customer, part number, and drawing number
  • Integrated with purchasing for accurate up-to-date material costs, costing at weighted average, standard, and the last cost received in purchasing
  • Estimate operations by using set-up time and run-time using various time resolutions: hrs/hrs, hrs/min, hrs/sec, hrs/parts per hour
  • The estimator can override defaults and fine tune particular processes
  • Tracks pertinent information like RFQ numbers, part and drawing numbers, responsible estimator, contact information and all the detailed estimate information
  • Interfaces to MS Word for formal quotes allowing user defined formatting and communication capability as provided by MS Office products
  • Can receive detailed layout from configurator to allow fine-tuning of parameters by experts