The key word in the Metal Fabrication industry today is "Competition".

Competition has always been part of this - and every - business, but recently the competition to control costs has intensified. A lot.

In fact competition is so fierce that many firms have been forced to outsource to lower-cost international competitors.

To remain competitive and profitable, North American businesses have to scrutinize the production process like never before.

COSS Manufacturing software is one of the invaluable tools many businesses are now using to successfully meet this management challenge.

COSS Manufacturing constantly updates real-time records on each and every job underway. Utilizing modern barcode practices to record both labor and machine time spent on every job, the Data Collection and Time & Attendance Modules track down costs to the penny.

The Scheduling features of the software enable metal fabricators to optimize production, avoid bottlenecks, quickly identify problems, and oversee the status of each job.

Added to this, a highly effective, built-in reporting system ensures that everyone in the manufacturing cycle, from the Shop Foreman to the company President, is armed with the up-to-the-minute information demanded to successfully compete.

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