Gone are the days when a printer had a single press in the back room and turned out low volume, low quality reproductions.

Today’s printers are modern, high-tech operations that manufacture end products, from beefy catalogues to magazines, from textbooks to posters and fine art reproductions.

While the products may vary, the fundamental principles that make a printer successful remain the same: to produce high quality results while remaining cost competitive.

COSS Manufacturing software plays a key role in applying these principles to the real world of business.

In addition to focusing on the technique and artistry of the printed page, today’s printers need to manage inventory levels, optimize the use of raw materials, schedule jobs to keep the capital-intensive equipment operating at peak levels, quote accurately, avoid outages, meet tight delivery schedules, and produce a product that exactly meets customer needs.

That’s why more and more printers are turning to COSS Manufacturing software to help them compete.

The Integration capability built-in to COSS software is crucial, ensuring as it does that data need be entered only once, and then flow seamlessly to all aspects of production.

The Project Control features enable printers to manage multiple jobs, and track both primary and by-products to optimize raw material usage - extremely valuable for those who not only print, but also assemble posters or canvases.

If you’d like more information about COSS Systems and discover how COSS Manufacturing software can help your business, please contact us. We’d be happy to share with you our experience in the Printing industry.

And let you focus on success.