Payables Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Improve your control over expenses with up-to-the-minute information. Payables Management in Microsoft DynamicsTM GP helps you make smarter and faster decisions about your payables. Manage your vendors more effectively, and provide effort-saving automation of many routine or complex tasks, which helps ensure a greater return on your investment.


  • Improve control over your payables. Manage your expenses more effectively with comprehensive vendor information, payment scheduling and tracking, and up-to-the-minute answers to your current cash flow status questions.
  • Manage your vendors effectively. Save time and improve efficiency by streamlining vendor information for instant recall of billing, payment discounts, and other information anytime you need it.
  • Enhance your productivity. Reduce your overhead costs and empower your employees with automated payment vouchers and scheduling, customized documents, and intuitive transaction entry.
  • Keep vital information at your fingertips. Find the information you need to make better business decisions with easy-to-use inquiry tools and windows, along with a comprehensive suite of reports that enable you to accurately analyze your accounts payable activities.
  • Simplify expense allocation. Simplify the task of deferring payments or costs over multiple periods with automatically managed calculations and journal entries customized to fit your business needs.



  • Immediate Information. Find answers instantly to Accounts Payable and Vendor Activity questions with views of un-posted, posted, and historical transactions, plus complete vendor, credit, payment, and other information.
  • Comprehensive Vendor Information. Streamline your vendor information with vendor categories for consistent record maintenance and comprehensive data, including addresses, shipping methods, default purchase accounts, and userdefined information.
  • Installment Management. Automate your vendor installment payments by creating schedules, calculating interest, amortizing amounts, and forecasting the impact of variable interest rates, payment amounts, and installment changes.
  • Expenditure Control. Manage expenditures with full control over check runs and tracking.
  • Control Account Management. Manage your Payables control accounts by reporting segments, such as Cost Center, division, department, program or fund, and display a breakdown by segment values of your central control Payables account. Eliminate the need to manually reconcile reporting segments and get a true account of amounts owing by segment value.
  • Automatic Posting. Automate posting for each vendor to the designated General Ledger account for recurring transactions, or streamline distribution for vendors without specified purchase accounts.
  • Fewer, More Accurate Check Batches. Edit individual checks in a batch before processing by viewing all vendors and invoices in a single window, and then marking and unmarking vendors and payments before release.
  • Multiple Vendor Remit-to Addresses. Create separate checks for multiple Remit-To addresses for vendors without having to set up separate vendor records for each.
  • 1099 Enhancements. Increase flexibility in defining 1099 information, specifying a default 1099 tax type and box number for a vendor, or adjusting 1099 tax types and box amounts by transaction. Print in multiple boxes on a single 1099 form or print multiple 1099s based on tax type for a single vendor.
  • Subledger Reconciler. Identify reconciliation differences between Payables Management and General Ledger.
  • Workflow. Leverage the workflow provided in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server to route a Payables Management batch to one or more individuals for approval.
  • Complete Payables Reporting. Create a comprehensive suite of Payables reports that can be sorted by calendar or fiscal year with on-screen display and search, or combine with other Microsoft Dynamics GP modules, such as Report Writer or Crystal Reports, for greater reporting flexibility.