Security Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Security management capabilities presented in a clear, interactive format help you control access to data, applications, and tools, reduce IT administration, and maintain high levels of protection for your business system.

Security Management in Microsoft DynamicsTM GP does not allow any permissions by default; security is assigned to tasks tailored to specific roles. Enhanced reporting reduces the amount of non-essential information. Refined auditing of your security changes helps you comply with SarbanesOxley requirements.


  • Reduce IT administration. Manage user security quickly and effectively with powerful, easy-to-use tools that simplify configuration and management processes, yet provide high levels of protection for your system.
  • Solve problems on the fly. Identify and fix security errors quickly using interactive dialog boxes that help eliminate the need to change login user and minimize IT administration.
  • Apply security with flexibility. Apply security restrictions with an interface that gives you complete control over form, window, field, and report access, as well as many other permission controls.
  • Integrate your security. Control security easily across Microsoft Dynamics GP with smooth integration across Security Management and other modules.
  • Improve productivity. Reduce errors and empower employees to focus on essential tasks by disabling or even hiding fields that they don’t need to view.


  • Security Tasks Microsoft Dynamics GP ships with hundreds of default tasks and provides easy setup and creation of new tasks. You can modify existing and new tasks for all Dexterity-dictionary products.
  • Security Roles. Designate one role or multiple roles to each user to control the extent of each user’s access to the system. Use pre-defined roles as templates to create new roles or create new roles from scratch, assigning the appropriate security tasks to each role.
  • Security Reporting. Greatly enhanced security reporting provides several new reports and additional filtering capabilities. In addition to refined auditing, Microsoft Dynamics GP helps ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.
  • Leverage Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Password Policies. Enforce the password policies of the Windows Server® 2003 domain through Microsoft SQL ServerTM 2005—including password expirations and secure password rules.
  • Field-Level Security
    • Control access to data throughout Microsoft Dynamics GP by managing security restrictions on individual data fields, windows, and forms.
    • Use flexible tools to define security restrictions. You can: passwordprotect, disable, or hide fields, windows, and forms completely, as well as assign restrictions on a user or class basis.
    • Easily manage user access to individual fields, windows, and forms with clear user and class controls and a straightforward, intuitive interface.
  • Account Security. Account-level security enhances security and account views. Users can enter, edit, and view information from a reduced account set based on the access granted for accounts.