SQL Server Reporting Services in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Reduce the time it takes to create reports—and take full advantage of your data—with customizable reports for Microsoft SQL Servertm Reporting Services. Smooth integration supports a range of common data sources from OLE DB and the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface to Microsoft Office System applications.

Because SQL Server Reporting Services offer reports that work with both the Microsoft Dynamics GP sample database and your organizational data, your people can quickly build relevant reports, manipulate information, and then share it across your organization.


  • Tailor reports to your organizational needs. Use the sample reports either as-is or as templates for designing new reports. With customizable report templates at hand, your decision makers and employees can easily and efficiently take full advantage of SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Quickly access reports from within Microsoft Dynamics GP. Maintain one-click access to the reports you use most often by storing them in a personalized My Reports list within Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Leverage existing IT capabilities. Using Microsoft Visual Studio. NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework or SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio, developers can leverage the capabilities of their existing information systems and connect to custom data sources, produce additional output formats, and deliver to a variety of devices.
  • Build on your current system capabilities. Using the familiar, widelyused Microsoft Office Excel® interface, you can get even new employees up to speed quickly, without extensive training.



Take Full Advantage of SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services in Microsoft Dynamics GP offer several reports that are designed to work with Fabrikam, the Microsoft Dynamics GP sample database. With some minor changes, you can also work with these reports in an existing Microsoft Dynamics GP environment.

You can download the following Report Pack (which includes eight predefined reports) from the Microsoft Download Center:

  • Commissions Report: Expandable views of sales commissions by territory, salesperson, and year, including views of quarterly commissions by territory.
  • Customer Profitability Report: Sales, total profit, and gross margin percentage per customer for the selected year. Expandable customer ID offers a view of sales, total profit, and gross margin percentage by document number.
  • Inventory Value by Site Report: Bar graph of the value of inventory by site and the total inventory value for the company. Clickable inventory site bars display Inventory value by Site. Use the Item Number Report to view items and their total value for that site.
  • Item Quantity Back Order Report: Quantity of items that are back ordered, quantities allocated to purchase orders, and item quantities available for all sites.
  • Open Purchase Orders Report: Purchase orders that have not been closed or canceled per vendor or for all vendors, including list views for the number, status, and date of each purchase order, assigned vendor, and line item detail.
  • Open Sales Orders Report: Unposted sales orders for a range of customers, including list views for the sales order number and date, customer information, requested ship date, amount remaining, assigned salesperson, and line item detail.
  • Work Center by Weeks – Employee Capacity Report: Available work centers and the employee capacity of each work center by weeks.
  • Work Center by Weeks – Machine Capacity Report: Available work centers and the machine capacity of each work center by weeks.

The SQL Server Reporting Services wizard, available with Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0, simplifies deployment for the following SQL Server Reporting Services Reports:

Purchase Order Processing (POP)

  • POP Back Ordered Items Received
  • POP Received/Not Invoiced
  • POP Purchase Order Status Detailed
  • POP Purchase Order History Report – Detailed
  • POP Receiving Trx History Report – Detailed
  • POP Expected Shipments by Item

Receivables Management (RM)

  • SOP Inventory Sales History Report
  • SOP Sales Transaction Detail History Report
  • SOP Sales Distribution Detail History Report
  • SOP Document Status Report
  • SOP Document Analysis Report

General Ledger

  • Trial Balance Detail
  • Trial Balance Summary
  • Cross Reference by Journal Entry
  • Cross Reference by Source Document

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Purchase Receipts
  • Inventory Stock Status Report
  • Historical Stock Status Detailed Report by Item
  • Inventory Purchase Advice Report
  • Inventory Sales Summary History

Payables Management (PM)

  • Vendor Summary Analysis
  • PM Historical Aged TB – Detail
  • Vendor Cash Requirements
  • PM Transaction History Detail
  • PM Aged TB – Detail

Payroll – US

  • Earnings Register
  • epartment Wage and Hour Report
  • Employee Wage and Hour Report
  • Payroll Summary
  • Vacation/Sick Time Available List
  • State Wage Report
  • Check History Report
  • Employee Pay History Report
  • Reprint Check Registry

Human Resource Management

  • TA Attendance Detail by Employee
  • Benefit Enrollment by Employee
  • TA Employee Attendance Summary
  • Benefit Enrollment

Bank Reconciliation

  • Checkbook Register
  • Undeposited Receipts Report
  • Bank Transaction History Report

Fixed Assets (FA)

  • FA Depreciation Ledger
  • FA Depreciation Detail
  • FA Fixed Assets to General Ledger Reconciliation
  • FA Additions
  • FA Retirements

Project Accounting (PA)

  • PA Detailed Trial Balance
  • PA Projects in Progress
  • PA Project Cost Breakdown
  • Pre-Billing Worksheet -CP/FP
  • Pre-Billing Worksheet -T&M
  • PA PBW T&M
  • PA Monthly Utilization


  • Picking Report Multibin – Item Number
  • Picking Report – Item Number
  • MO/PO Links Report Sort by Vendor
  • Item Standard Cost Changes History
  • BOM Detail Report
  • BOM Report with Standard Costs
  • Job Detail
  • Traveler Report



  • Easy Access to Report Formats. Access reports easily from within Microsoft Dynamics GP, including oneclick access from your personalized My Reports list of frequently used formats.
  • Drilldown Actions. Quickly access essential information with the ability to drill down to details within reports.
  • Chart Options. Take advantage of report layout options such as pie-, line-, or bar-chart capabilities to highlight key information or enhance presentations.
  • Customized Filtering. Filter report data using dynamic parameters.
  • Flexible Report Views. Use a collapsible report view to expand sections, reducing complex reports to manageable proportions.
  • Subreports. Create subreports within another report, or bind a main report to one or more subreports through a set of parameters.
  • Table View. This report layout option quickly presents the data in a table format for easier viewing and distribution across your business.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Invest in your company’s future with no worries. SQL Server Reporting Services is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2005.