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CRM Rapid Deployment

CRM Rapid Deployment Essentials Plan

We offer CRM Rapid Deployment Essentials Plan package at one low price, with no extra or hidden fees, so there is no risk to you. How do we do it? We’ve been doing this a long time and have perfected the rapid deployment process. Follow our process and be up and running in weeks, not months.

Your Package Includes:


3 Hours. 1 Hour sessions minimum. Offsite, recorded.

This is an online training program that is designed to be highly flexible and customizable to meet the unique needs of the business. Whether you need an introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, guided training for your sales or service teams, or help setting up and configuring your deployment for the first time, our instructor can transform you into an expert in only a few short hours. Included in this package is three hours of online instruction. At the request of the organization, the sessions can be recorded and made available for download. Each session must be one hour in length as a minimum, and all sessions are remote, as onsite sessions are not supported by the package. Hours must be used for training only, although any topic relevant to Microsoft Dynamics CRM is supported.


1-hour meeting with architect, delivery of design document.

Your business likely has unique needs that cannot be completely met by a CRM application in its straight-out-of-the-box, unconfigured condition. However, jumping in and starting to modify it without planning is not the way to go either. The QuickStart Blueprint is designed to analyze your needs and then provide you with a sensible plan for configuring and customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM to make it better match your business’ way of doing things. The package includes a one-hour meeting with a CRM architect, and also includes a detailed document of at least six pages in length that lists entities, their uses, key attributes, and an entity relationship diagram—essentially, a blueprint for your successful CRM deployment.

One Executive DB with up to 6 components, plus three other system dashboards for other business units or roles.

Includes the creation of one Executive Dashboard for upper management, and up to three other dashboards: one for Marketing, one for Service, and one for Sales. The package can alternatively support the creation of dashboards for custom entities, limited to a total of four dashboards.

Forms and Views

Configuration of forms and views for four entities. Up to 16 custom attributes total. Also included is a 30-minute meeting with an architect to finalize design. Also included is the creation of up to three custom entities.

Designed to assist the organization with the design and creation of forms and views. It includes the creation or modification of up to four forms and four views. The four forms can be for the same entity or for up to four different entities. The same goes for views. This also includes the creation of up to 16 custom attributes or fields that do not yet exist on that entity or those entities. Also included is a 30-minute meeting with an architect, if the specific requirements cannot be gathered through email communication.

Server Side Synchronization

Up to 20 mailboxes. Microsoft Outlook Client installed by customer (see training below.)

This includes the "Server Side Synchronization" or "Email Router" setup in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, whichever makes the most sense for the customer. The customer must supply E-Tek with the required information regarding the mail server that the Email Router or the Server Side Synchronization will operate on. The package also includes configuration of up to 20 mailbox records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The package does not include troubleshooting of mail server issues or configuration of the mail server such as password changes and the creation of email users.

Sitemap Modification

Modification of the sitemap to reduce number of tiles and categories, as well as changing module names in the navigation structure. Up to 40 individual line changes across up to 4 iterations of modification.

This includes modifications to the navigational structure of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as determined by the sitemap—essentially what appears where. This includes reorganization of the higher navigation levels of Areas, Groups, and Sub-Areas (such as Sales > Sales > Accounts) as well as the lower navigation of which related entities appear under a given entity (such as related Contacts and Opportunities under Accounts). Custom entities are supported. The customer must provide the desired new structure. The service is limited to 40 individual line changes across up to four 4 iterations of opening and modifying the sitemap. This also includes the renaming of module icons.

Development of a Business Process flow with up to 5 stages and 5 fields per stage.

This is designed to assist your organization with the design of a business process flow for use in your instance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The engagement starts with a 1-hour interview with a Business Process Specialist, and includes one Process Flow for up to two related entities with up to 5 fields per stage and up to 5 stages.

Custom attributes that are required for the business process flow to operate properly are not included, but the data type and field names are part of the design, which is delivered. The Success Portal can be used to learn to make the simple configurations, or other packages can be combined to custom attributes, if they are necessary. Additionally, the design may also include ideas for workflows if they are appropriate to the business need.

Data Migration:

Leads, Contacts, Accounts and one custom entity is included. Not included are notes, emails, and activities, such as appointments or tasks. Data must be cleansed and without column drift.

This is designed to assist with simple data migrations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM using the native data-import wizard. It includes construction of import templates specific to your needs and instruction as to how to import a sequence of related entities into CRM. This could include the construction of custom entities and attributes as well. Data types are covered, as well as best practices. The package is limited to 4 entities, with up to a total of 100 attributers across all entities, and a total of 50,000 records. The package does not include activity or history data, such as emails, notes, appointments, phone calls, or other activity-type entities. For data-migration projects that lie outside of these limitations, blocks of prepaid consulting time are available.

Outlook Client Installation Training

2 Hour session - Training for the Outlook Client installation as well as Outlook filter configuration, general Outlook Client use and troubleshooting.

This consists of two hours of live training (the session can be recorded and the recording delivered) for the installation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client for Outlook. Also included is training for Outlook filters, which govern what gets tracked, and where to look for answers for trouble that you may have with the client.


The creation of up to four reports using the report wizard, and up to four Advanced Find queries.

This consists of the design and creation of up to four reports using the report wizard, and up to four advanced find queries that can be saved for future use. Not included in this effort are reports made from SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). If a report need is identified that would require SSRS, please contact your E-Tek account representative.

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